With so much bad news lately, from natural disasters to tragic events, it has been difficult to stay positive. Let’s face it, we could all use a bright spot in our day. On Oct 11th, floral industry members brought some much-needed happiness to communities all over the country. In 465 cities in all 50 states, florists took to the streets to randomly surprise people with flowers. Lucky recipients received two bouquets of flowers, one to keep and one to share, with a loved one, a colleague or a complete stranger.

This movement called Petal It Forward, was created in 2016 to encourage acts of kindness and in turn proving the positive impact of flowers. At Country Lane Florist, we participated and gave away 200 bouquets, along with smiles to 100 people, and the response was overwhelming and most gratifying. Smiles, joyful tears, and grateful hugs were abundant, given the human connection that comes from a random gesture of kindness. To make so many people happy is one of the greatest feelings one can possess. We are thankful for all those who participated and shared kindness along with us.

We look forward to 2018 when we will Petal It Forward again! We can learn from a movement like this, that it just takes one small act of kindness to change the world for the better! Let us never lose our faith in humanity, sometimes it’s a little cloudy but we can always find clarity by being kind to others! Remember, a smile costs nothing but gives much.