Who can believe it is already December? We here at the florist, along with other elves with OCD, that is Obsessive Christmas Disorder, have been feverishly busying ourselves with holiday tasks. Even though we begin preparing in early summer, we are still frantically finalizing the details the night before our Annual Christmas Open House. There are always afterthoughts, exciting ideas that pop into our creative brains, even after we thought it couldn’t get any better!

This year,  we decided to add a fresh Christmas tree to our Farmhouse Christmas theme.  What a refreshing change from the stiff artificial trees of years past. A live tree, though fragrant and beautiful, can be a bit challenging and sticky to decorate, but reaps rewards!

In my opinion, a trip to the tree farm along with a barrage of Christmas carols to and from is absolutely the most joyous way to begin the holiday season.  In choosing a tree, it is strange how much smaller the trees look at the tree farm as opposed to inside a building!  A 10ft tree didn’t seem quite so large until we began stuffing it through the front door! As with most things though, persistence will pay off! I must say, it was worth every effort and I’m sure my husband would totally agree! Our stunning Fraser Fir traveled all the way from Ludington, Michigan, by way of Beck’s Tree Farm.  It is delightfully fragrant, sturdy, strong and majestic and also very thirsty, consuming 6 gallons of water in just 14 days! Remember, trees just like flowers keep on hydrating long after they are cut.  Our Fraser Fir is the perfect finishing touch to this year’s Farmhouse theme. After Christmas, this lovely tree will become a safe haven for birds, squirrels, bunnies and more animals when we return it to nature for our woodland friends to share.

I hope this season will be a joyous time for all, celebrating the reason for the season, remembering those in need, and cherishing time spent with family and friends. Merry Christmas!