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As a seasoned florist, I have spent many years 31 to be exact, observing the effects that flowers have on the human population. Our uncomplicated and easy to analyze research consists of sourcing quality fresh flowers, designing a stunning arrangement of colorful and fragrant blooms, hopping in our very cool “Flower Power” van, gently transporting the awesome bouquet and observing the recipient’s spectacular reaction of delight and gratitude! A fairly simple approach to research in comparison to the research project conducted by the Society of American Florists, which was much more involved and costly, but also producing real facts with believable results.

Finally, someone deemed the need that humans seem to have for flowers serious enough to merit an investigative research initiative. The SAF funded a study to determine the effect flowers have on people. I could have clued them in for free, but I was never contacted, hmmm. In studies conducted by Rutgers and Harvard Universities, researchers drew these conclusions; flowers have not only an immediate impact on happiness but also a lasting positive effect on moods. The study demonstrated that those who participated, reported feeling happier, grateful, less depressed and anxious, a greater sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction, increased feelings of compassion and kindness for others, less negativity and increased energy and enthusiasm. Now let’s talk about our

Now let’s talk about our cherished seniors who sometimes struggle to find happiness. This same research team found that flowers have a significant impact on this special group of the population, such as decreased depression, improved memory, and increased social interaction. How amazing is that? Again, our own research of daily deliveries to our three local assisted care facilities demonstrates the results of smiles and happiness. It just doesn’t get any better than that! So let us start enjoying the mood-boosting, stress relieving, positive energy providing, life-enhancing power of fresh flowers every day!